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My name is Paul Devlin but my Ordained Buddhist Priest name is Nittyananda which means Eternal Bliss. I have gone through extensive training as a Buddhist Priest to be able to remove unwanted entities from people and places.

I have performed exorcisms in the U.K. and internationally. I have been interviewed about my work on radio stations around the world.

I am trained in specialist therapies for people suffering from addiction, emotional stress, and anger. I am member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. It is possible to use a mixture of all my training and experience to get the right results.

I have helped many people from all walks of life. I do not judge.


I found your feelings for the site very in tune with what we have been experiencing over the years.

Your visit today was inspirational and very valuable for the temple site.  I found your feelings for the site very in tune with what we have been experiencing over the years. I have already spoken to another site archaeologist about your seeing the burial and trappings of a Celtic warrior. Your positioning of an altar more central to the prehistoric area was spot on.

Our fears were totally unfounded.

Paul was a wonderful help to our daughter. For years she had suffered from terrible night-time fears & would often call to us saying there were nasty things in her room who were being horrible to her. We could also hear her talking to herself/them at bedtime.
When we heard about Paul we were a little apprehensive about what he would do and wondered whether it would be frightening for our daughter & make things worse. Our fears were totally unfounded. He has a lovely calming personality & she was very relieved to be able to talk to him about the experiences. He said that she did have some very nasty entities that had been persecuting her. We were all so pleased that he was able to remove them quickly and from that day the incidents and her fears stopped. It was amazing!

If fate is real, then to meet Paul 11 years ago, must have had some divine intervention involved.

To be asked to write a review is a very hard task,to give it the true justice it deserves is very difficult especially as its personal to you, and no one else will understand unless they witnessed or lived the experiences as well.

As a very firm believer in the paranormal and the unexplained for many years,by some freak of nature Paul joined the same company I worked for at the time, not only did we share a passion for the paranormal, but he was at the time a paranormal investigator with his is own group,it was like Hey this guy is here to teach you and to share your interests.

This guy had a wealth of experience and was a great guy too,also he had the support and encouragement of a lovely wife and family.

over the years we have kept in touch and many a time I have called him for support and advice both on a physical and spiritual level, a couple of times, I was able to join him on house cleansings down here in Cornwall, both were amazing experiences and a real honour to be involved and to witness.

One experience I have to include in this review is a time, I met up with Paul probably 6 years ago in a hotel in Swindon, it was a catch up just before Christmas,  We did some spiritual work and Paul introduced me to some of his spirit guides through transfiguration, what I witnessed will stay with me forever and I feel blessed to have experienced this,I have only experienced this once before by a relative, both these encounters firmed  my belief in spirit and the after life.

I believe Paul is both Human and spirit in the same body, I sometimes find it hard to talk to him normally and have to remind myself that he is still human after all.

Leo Bonomo

I write to express my gratitude to Paul ——- on his recent work that he has done for me. I can highly recommend him and his work methods and sincere professionalism. Paul even “cured” my car which started having all kinds of effects including the Eco drive not working for weeks before! The car was affected along with other things.I wish to add that I have many years experience in this line of work (Mediumship) but, we still sometimes get caught up in things that firstly effect our “seeing the problem” and then dealing with it ourselves. It is so important that others view/experience allows them to take a view and help through that.

little old lady – spook in my house, flash of light when she left and everything felt lighter around me.

I noticed some strange temperature fluctuations in my house, and I could now feel the almost static electricity around me, so I set up a video camera, and as the static approached the camera and myself, the camera suddenly recorded interference. This went on for several hours, so I called Paul. Paul and an associate came and had a conversation with this individual, at the end of which Paul asked us to visualise a staircase for her to ascend. The room was very cold at this point.

We stood in a triange formation and then Paul said “She is going up the stairs now” and there was a sudden bright light in the middle of the room, and then the room temperature immediately went back to normal, which told me she was gone.

Intro to fort amhurst expedition – from this I learned how to detect spooks

Paul asked me if I would be so good as to help him with a video camera on an investigation, I had no idea what he meant but happily said yes. We ended up at Fort Amherst in Kent, and we went up to a locked off area to look around. Within a matter of seconds, I was filming movement with the night vision camera, Paul got into conversation with what I was filming, and they were responding very favourably. This experience changed my life for the better, it was wonderful being there and it was wonderful to see and hear Paul and the way he treated these individuals with total respect, which (I am convinced) is why they responded so positively.

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