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Jimmy James

Jimmy James was a character that I had the privilege to be interviewed by and also was lucky enough to get to know him pretty well.

Sadly in 2021 Jimmy James took his own life leaving a big gap for us to fill. As a mark of respect here is the interview I hope you enjoy it. I invite you to comment and like. Thank you.

Crisis Ghosts

Here is a Podcast i did on Crisis Ghosts.

This is a popular subject and it has always fascinated me.

Interview with Leo Bonomo

An interview about my work in exorcism and more. With Leo Bonomo

I had an Exorcism

With Halloween approaching, Max decides to contact real-life exorcist Paul Devlin to investigate the paranormal state of his flat. The results are frankly shocking, and extraordinarily spooky.

Passenger of the Dead 
Years ago I picked up a fare whilst working as a taxi driver.  When we arrived at the destination I got the shock of my life!  Find out what.
Human Stories with Tony Lloyd
Fascinating to talk to mental health expert and Exorcist Paul Devlin on Human Stories.