Services on the spiritual side.

Ley lines healing.
Ley lines are energetic lines that run across the land. They take energy from many things such as holy or sacred sites. These lines can affect our own energies. If your house happens to be on a Ley line, it can affect those who live in it including our pets.

If you feel that you may be being negatively affected by Ley lines I can balance this energy, to remove the impact.


Spirit Rescue.
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own home? Perhaps as if you are being watched? Have you ever put your keys down only to return later and found them gone? Have you ever heard a voice from within your home, when you are alone in the house? Are there rooms that are ice cold in your house even when the heating is on? Have you seen a moving shadow out of the corner of your eye? 

If the answer to one or all of these questions is yes, then you may be one of the 1 in 4 people in the U.K that has an unwanted spirit or presence in their home. I can investigate and remove these unwanted spirits, in a safe and controlled manner. 



Property balancing.

The houses we live in hold the energy of the people that have lived there. Sadly some houses hold the energy of negative events such as bereavement, divorce, stress and trauma. Such energies can make it difficult to sell your property; it may be that potential buyers may not like the feel of the place. I can change the energy of a property, to make it one that potential buyers warm to.

These energies can also affect your family, if you have recently moved in to a property. You may find that the patterns of emotions of previous owners will continue in your own family. I can remove these negative influences from your property.


Psychic attack

Never underestimate the power of the mind. Just like you send healing thoughts to people, the reverse can happen. The person who is targeted can be subject to ill health, headaches and even experience haunting dreams. I can psychically block such attacks to prevent harm.



These are spiritual beings that can attach themselves to people. If you feel depressed, downhearted, easily irritable or emotional for no apparent reason, with a sudden onset, you may have been the focus of one of these attachments. I can remove these in a calm and gentle way.


Demonic Energies

These energies can posses people and may make them forget who they really are. They may behave in strange and disturbing ways and sometimes their eyes may become dark or brighter than usual. If you are worried that someone you know may be affected in this way, please contact me urgently. This requires the specialist help I can give.


Hexes and curses removal.

These rituals are very real and not to be taken lightly. They can dramatically affect your life and bring you bad luck on every level. These spells are cast to cause harm, normally by an individual or group of people who are well experienced in spell casting. If you believe you are being targeted it is time to get some help.



Chakra Therapy

There are seven main chakras that align with your spine. They are crown, pineal, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and
root. For good health, these chakras must be energetically aligned but sometimes they become out of line. I can restore the balance and therefore your health.


Universal Healing one to one.

Do you suffer with balance issues, aches and pains, pins and needles? Does your body feel out of alignment ? I perform a relaxing healing which will leave you feeling clear and revitalised.


Remote Universal healing.

Life is busy so we do not always have the time to fit everything in at once. I can perform a remote healing so it fits with your lifestyle.


Feng Shui

A practice of arranging physical spaces in order to create harmony of your environment which will lead to positive effects on your health and life. I provide this service for your home and work environment.


Individual Psychic Development.

If you want to learn how to communicate with spirit, one to one sessions are the best way to learn. Traditionally, psychic development courses run in groups but these may not be tailored to your exact needs.

I run courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. I have over 25 years of experience and have run many courses that have helped people develop their psychic abilities.


Dowsing Workshops

Dowsing has been around for thousands of years. In some countries dowsers are used to locate water. Whether you are using traditional rods or a pendulum the results can be impressive. Please contact me if you would like to learn this ancient skill.

Reincarnation trauma relief

Do you have a child who is having night terrors?

Do they claim to have had a traumatic death or experiences you know nothing about?

Do they give names, dates and descriptions that mean nothing to you but everything to them?

If you answer yes, to some or all of these questions, then I can help you.

These are very stressful situations for both children and the parents to deal with. I am one of a small handful of therapists in Europe that help to deal with this past life trauma.

I do not use any form of hypnotherapy. I use a series of very gentle methods using images and tailor-made programmes that
are created specifically to meet each child’s unique needs. My methods are successful and will give total closure for the child
and family.

For more information please get in touch with me.

Deep Point Release Therapy

D.R.P. is different than other forms of energy work such as Reiki or Chi Gong.

It, unlike other energy body work, uses pressure points that are held sometimes ten minutes or longer to induce a meditative state enabling a person to be cognizant of the inner cinema of the past playing out for them that is stored in our body mind, or cellular makeup, all confined in the body, without being aware of the physical world as a distraction.

Different sets of movements, extraction methods, release points and symbolic spirit tools from Shaman practices are used than other traditional, more known bodyworks.

All bodywork has a place in the healing arena and those who are drawn to D.R.P. do so with a passion to release the inner turmoil that has held them back, down, and in a constant state of emotional chaos or just not feeling at peace.